About Randy Rooker

Artisanworks Inc. is owned and operated by Randy Rooker. He has been on a craftsman’s journey for over 30 years, starting with architectural design, into sign carving, custom woodworking and furniture, to wooden boat building, and now specializing in traditional timber frame design and construction.  Randy and Artisanworks builds throughout Oregon, Washington, and California.

With an emphasis on high quality, the desire to create “beautiful” pieces of work has been the driving force that has kept Randy on this path. Inspired by past Renaissance , he has also chased many other passions such as building and playing musical instruments, mainly guitars and drums. He is also an artist working in sculpture, drawing, painting, and has a love of restoring and riding vintage motorcycles.

Randy is an avid outdoorsman, fly fisherman, runner, mountain biker, and skier. Being a worshiper of nature, a green approach has always been his norm. Randy spent years working as a foreman for a leading timber-framing company in Central Oregon before creating his own business. Finding the right balance of beauty, functionality, natural materials and using the benefits of technology have become crucial to the success of Randy's projects.